The New Windsor Way

At New Windsor  School our specific and unique local curriculum framework has been developed after extensive consultation – students, whanau, staff and School Board .  This is a shared document, developed using collaborative and consultative strategies to ensure students experience future focussed and bi-cultural learning experiences that are authentic and relevant to the world in which they live and of which they are stewards.


This document illustrates our Vision, Language of Learning Behaviour Guidelines, Local Curriculum Development  Assessment and is aligned to the National Curriculum.  

This ‘Curriculum Framework’ articulates how we aim to incorporate our Language of Learning – which are underpinned by a growth mindset and student agency.  We set out how the Essential Learning areas and their relevant achievement objectives are related back to the curriculum concepts we explore in our Local Curriculum Development



We believe our approach to learning and teaching will fulfil our vision to provide an education where students are encouraged – ‘To be the best we can be’.

During your child’s time at New Windsor they will develop a range of skills and capabilities (key competencies) that will help them to do well in life. The world is different these days. It’s an exciting time for children to grow up in.


It’s not enough for children to just keep learning more information at the expense of learning how to use that information and work with others.


As well as learning about a variety of subjects, children need to learn how to learn, how to think for themselves, think alongside others, and be motivated to keep on learning throughout their lives – so that they can do well in their world.


Over the course of this year we have been working  with our school community on what we all believe the key skills our children need to develop by the time they leave New Windsor.  We are excited to announce that we are ready to showcase our “The New Windsor Way’ Mascots. 


The New Windsor Way Competencies are:

  • Confident

  • Creative

  • Collaborative

  • Respectful

  • Resilient

  • Responsible


They are not just values for school, but for life.  Once you know about them, you will be able to see that your child uses these key competencies in many different situations – at home, at sport, at church, at cultural occasions, and eventually at work.