Restorative Approach

Positive Behaviour for Learning

At New Windsor, we have a PB4L approach (Positive Behaviour for Learning).

We look at the behaviour and learning from a whole school as well as an individual child perspective. The framework is based on international evidence.

It helps New Zealand schools build a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life and is about supporting our students to make positive choices. We use “The New Windsor Way” to guide our students to make positive choices. 

Restorative Practice

One way we support our students to make positive choices is through a restorative practice approach.

Restorative Practice is a relational approach to school life grounded in beliefs about equality, dignity, mana and the potential of all people. The Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Restorative Practice model focuses on building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships across the school community and offers school staff best-practice tools and techniques to restore relationships when things go wrong. By building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships within a school, staff to staff, staff to student and student to student, issues are more easily managed. 

We are guided by four questions which focus on accountability, healing and needs: 

What happened? 

Who has been affected? How? 

What needs to happen to put things right? 

What do we need to do to move forward?

New Windsor Houses

To give an opportunity to practice positive behaviour, each child is put into a house. 

This is currently under construction!