All  Y4 – 6  classes will be in a 1:1 digital programme (1 Chromebook device to 1 student).

New Windsor is part of the Ako Hiko Cluster. The Ako Hiko Education Trust is a charity that has bulk purchasing power and can negotiate an affordable Chromebook package that allows all families to have access to a device at a lower price. 


Through the Ako Hiko Trust, New Windsor families can purchase the Chromebooks that the students use in class.Families can pay a $40 deposit then weekly payments ($2 – $7) to the Trust or pay the full price upfront.

The cost of the Chromebooks varies each year. 

The bundle will usually give you: 

  • Chromebook that is durable and longer-lasting. 
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB Local Storage
  • Bag with 6 years warranty
  • 3 years Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 3 years of Manaiakalani Device Care ( 3 repair claims or 1 replacement)
  • 2 years of Technician access. 

It has been our experience that devices supplied and processed through Ako Hiko have been the most successful in supporting the teaching and learning programme.