New Windsor Fale

The Fale system is a new initiative at New Windsor School and allows every student and member of staff to feel a sense of belonging by becoming a member of either – Rata (whero/red), Kauri (kikorangi/blue), Totara (kakariki/green) or Kowhai (kowhai/yellow) Fale. 

By being a member of the Fale students and staff are encouraged to show team spirit as all of the Fale’s thrive on the ethos of “playing your part”.
This Fale system is run in conjunction with the New Windsor Way and is an important component in the pastoral and co-curricular side of school which develops students’ social, team-working and organisation (amongst other) skills. 

The Fale system aims to reflect the ethos of the school ‘Be the best you can be’ – Resilient, Respectful, Responsible, Confident, Creative, Collaborative and we try to develop this by fostering a sense of community, awareness of each other and a sense of being part of a team.
We show respect through fair play and sporting behaviour; we are graceful in defeat and magnanimous in victory. We support others and take pride in their efforts.

We learn by practising (resilience) for events and taking part; this could improve sporting ability or a more academic skill. A fantastic side effect of participation often sees increased confidence, which can positively show itself in a student’s whole school life from the classroom and beyond.
Students should aspire to succeed and learn from every experience. 

Achieving, in its base level, is about winning; and many students get a sense of achievement when their team wins. We should encourage this but also support students who, for them, participating is an achievement. Improved confidence, a great performance, even a single moment in an event can all be highlighted as success. 

We will plan for a number of Fale events throughout the year from all areas of school life. This blend ensures that everyone has the opportunity to represent their Fale in something that they enjoy or are good at. For example events include; various sporting activities, dance, fashion, singing, visual arts, quizzes etc..
We anticipate that staff will facilitate events but we will increasingly be encouraging students to take leadership roles which will further develop their wider skill (management and organisation) set as they mature and grow.

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