Board of Trustees

New Windsor Board of Trustees

The  Board  of  Trustees is comprised of 7 elected members, a staff representative, and the Principal.

The Board’s purpose is to “ensure every student at the school is able to attain his or her highest possible standard in education achievement”.  This is achieved by setting good policies for the school, monitoring student achievement, and ensuring the school complies with legal and policy objectives.  The principal is the Board’s ‘CEO’, responsible for delivering on the strategic vision and policies set by the board, who are intended to be a representative stakeholder group.

The Board operates as one but sometimes when necessary forms a smaller sub-committee for a specific piece of work.  The sub-committee then reports back to the Board.

Board meetings are usually held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm in the staffroom at the school.  Dates and times for meetings are advised in the school newsletter and posted on the notice board outside the school office.  These are public meetings and parents are welcome to attend.

The Board, as representatives of the parents, welcome comments and suggestions, which  will make this a more effective school.  Please contact the Board Chairperson if you would like to discuss Board related school matters.


Board Member – Ashley Quensell – Chairperson

Ph 021 610834

A big Hello and Warm New Windsor Greetings. I have been a parent elected trustee since June 2013. I work in the Major Event Security Sector as the General Manager for Platform 4 Group (P4G).

My wife and I have three children of which two are currently at New Windsor School and our eldest is at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate. I am immensely proud of New Windsor School, proud of our children and our families, and proud of our great teachers and staff.  Our school’s number one strength is our people.

Board Member – Jo Morgan – Deputy Chairperson

I am new to the NWS board having joined in April 2018.  Currently I have two children at school, one is in year 5 and the other is in year 1.   My eldest daughter has now moved onto Intermediate school. Outside of school I am a stay home mum and part time administrator.  Prior to becoming a mum I spent 15 years in the Retail Banking sector. I am looking forward to being a part of the board and hope to be able to make a positive contribution for the benefit of all NWS children.

Board Member – Megan McGrath

I am a mother to two New Windsor students.  My daughter is in year 6 and my son is in year 3.  My husband and I have lived in New Windsor for 16 years. I work in IT, in the Insurance industry.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve on the New Windsor School Board of Trustees because I strongly believe primary school education is the basis for so much of a child’s future success, particularly how they feel about learning. I enjoy using my business, strategic and analytical skills to support New Windsor school being a place that both staff and children enjoy being and thrive in.

Board Member – Scott Leman

Thank you to the New Windsor School community for electing me to the Board Of Trustees in 2019.

I have spent over 15 years working for two of the world’s biggest technology brands.  My experience covers a number of disciplines including marketing, sales, finance, category management and general management.  I am strategic, analytical and very results driven.  Outside of work I have interests in sport, photography and online gaming.  I have two children attending New Windsor School, a son in year 3 and daughter who started as a new entrant in June.  I look forward to being able to serve the school, its staff and the wider New Windsor Community.


Board Member – Khalid Bouladam

Kia Ora everyone,
Currently, I have two sons attending New Windsor Primary School aged 9 and 11 years old. I am proud that they are in an environment which has a great sense of community among the children, parents and educators.
It is an absolute pleasure and honor to be selected as one of the board members of New Windsor Primary School and I look forward to working with the rest of the team and you as parents, in ensuring New Windsor Primary School continues to facilitate and develop a great environment for our children.
It has been a long, but amazing journey to where I am now. My passion lies in food and people which has led me to several food ventures over the past 10 – 15 years where I now own a wood-fired pizza truck. Nothing brings more joy than to make great food and create long-lasting connections and relationships with people through the food that I make.
Khalid B

Board Member – Tavake Marsters-Singh

Kia Orana my name is Tavake Marsters-Singh.

I am Cook Island Maori/ French Polynesian and my husband is Fijian Indian. We have 3 children 2 of which go to New Windsor School and are in Year 5 and Year 2.

I have just finished a graduate degree in Teaching and currently work in the Early Childhood sector and Manage ECE centres across the Auckland Region for Playcentre Federation New Zealand. Playcentre is a parent cooperative not for profit organization. I am also a current member of New Windsor Playcentre so am often there in my spare time. 

Prior to this I spent many years as a Social Worker and have been involved with Pacific Intervention services for women and children. I have also worked alongside other not for profit organisations that support Women from the Indian, Asian, African and Middle-Eastern community.

What I bring to the board of trustees is my collaborative team work style, my knowledge of the New Zealand Te Whariki Curriculum and how that translates into the school aged years, my understanding and acknowledgement of all people from different cultural backgrounds and my passion to see us as a community growing together both whanau and our tamariki.

Board Member – Bryce Jones

Kia ora everyone, my name is Bryce Jones.
My wife and I currently have two children at New Windsor School, our son is in Year 4 and our daughter is in Year 1. I currently work as a Broadcast Engineer in the television industry and serve on a community board in Penrose that runs programs to engage and serve the local community there.
Having grown up in the New Windsor area, I have seen many changes over the years and watched the area grow and develop. We are lucky to have so many different cultures represented in the area and it’s great to see this reflected at New Windsor School. I’m excited to be given the privilege to serve the New Windsor School community including our amazing staff and students, and look forward to working with the rest of the board as we outwork the schools vision and see it flourish.

Board Member – Phonderly Siohane – Staff Representative

Faakalofa lahi atu! I am of Niuean Nationality and love engaging in any matters relating to Pasifika and all Pasifika Nations.

I love learning about other cultures language, and culture.  I am able to speak 3 languages fluently.

I am the Associate Principal of New Windsor School and have been at New Windsor for 10 years.

 One of the important roles that I have is to work closely with the Principal  supporting him in the day to day running of the School, deputising for the Principal whenever the need arises. This is a role I absolutely love!

My responsibility for Harakeke Roopu (In both student well-being and academic progress) enables me to be in and out of classrooms on a daily basis which is another reason I love working at NWS.  Our children are just amazing, as are our parents and community.

My experience in being on a board of trustees as the staff rep, is that I have been on 2 other School boards as staff rep over my 30  years of Teaching.

New Windsor School is a great school where the people and children are its greatest asset!

Monu Tagaloa!